Ms. Mary Devorak MS, LMFT (she/they)

Ms. Mary Devorak MS, LMFT (she/they)

Queer, Autistic, Geek Therapist approaching therapy in innovative ways.

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Using RPGs with Family Systems

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I have been a licensed marriage and family therapist for six years. I started out as a skills worker, seeing kids and their families in their homes and the community. I then spent four years managing a Youth ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) Team, where I also got to work in the community with adolescents, young adults, and their families. I currently work as an outpatient therapist. Additionally, I am a death doula and certified in Medical Family Therapy. For approximately three years, I have been running RPGs with families. I have used both Dungeons and Dragons and the Kids on Bikes systems with clients. Currently, my wife and I are establishing a private practice that focuses on using tabletop role-playing games in a therapeutic and applied manner. I also have a special interest in using games to heal and process through grief. I identify as an autistic, queer therapist with a love of cats, Borderlands, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I actively practice Mahayana Buddhism, and find myself being the one to look for nonviolent solutions in games.

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