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Applied TTRPG

About this Track

The Applied Tabletop Role Playing stage hosts presentations with a focus on the applied and intentional use of TTRPGs.

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Reparative Play in Dungeons & Dragons

Giuseppe Femia

Giuseppe Femia

Create Friends and Villains for your Therapy Campaign: NPC Building Workshop

Julia Stamman

Julia Stamman LPC, IPT-CST (she/her)

Owner, Heart of the Realm, PLLC

The Stories we Tell: Freedom and Fear inside the Magic Circle

Kieron Gillen

Kieron Gillen

Comic Writer

Tragedy, Trauma, and Cultivating Resiliency: How Dungeons and Dragons can impact a student body's healing following a mass shooting

Evan Forster

Evan Forster LCSW (He/Him)

Roll to Save Democracy: How TTRPGs Can Be the New Forefront of Civic Education and Formation

Susan Haarman

Susan Haarman LPC (she/they)

April 21, 2023

5 Events
April 21, 2023, 06:00 PM - April 22, 2023, 01:45 AM
Giuseppe Femia Susan Haarman LPC (she/they) Julia Stamman LPC, IPT-CST (she/her) Kieron Gillen Evan Forster LCSW (He/Him)

April 22, 2023

4 Events
April 22, 2023, 06:15 PM - April 23, 2023, 02:30 AM
Chrissy Profera LSW (She|They) Brandon Saxton Nico Meyering MPA Halley Palmer LICSW (she/her/hers) Lara Taylor Kester LMFT (she/her) Kayla Devorak MS (she/her) Rene Joy PSS, Writer, Designer, Organizer (She|They) Dustin Yager BA (he/him) David Perlman PhD, Medical Ethics (2000), MS, Health Psychology Josué Cardona M.S. Brian Hamilton AMFT (She|He) Beau Jagr Sheldon (they/he)

April 23, 2023

4 Events
April 23, 2023, 06:15 PM - April 24, 2023, 02:30 AM
Halley Palmer LICSW (she/her/hers) Xan Clark (They/Them) Erika Walker LSCSW, LCSW, RPT (she/her/hers) Jacob Dreiling APC, NCC, MS Matthew Varrette MSW; RSW Tinelle Evans Reno LPCC, CASTT GAMER, DM(she/her)